Working responsibly

Human rights

Respecting everyone who works for or with our business is a fundamental part of our commitment to protecting stakeholders.

We support their rights to safe working conditions, equal treatment and fair reward for their efforts, and have mechanisms in place to maintain effective relationships with employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Our approach to managing human rights

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy sets out our commitments to human rights. Upholding our long-standing support for international standards including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our approach requires us to:

  • respect and support internationally recognised human rights standards and seek to ensure non-complicity in human rights abuses;
  • identify, assess and manage human rights risks within our sphere of influence; and
  • ensure we have appropriate mechanisms in place for raising and addressing grievances.

In some locations where we operate or have interests, slavery and other human rights abuses are a significant issue. We have zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking in all its different forms, in any part of our business, including our supply chain. We have set Sustainability Objectives to meet the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act and we deliver training on human rights and modern slavery.

Read our Modern Slavery statement

Protecting people in our supply chain

Our ‘rights aware’ approach, which means we recognise the human rights of the people we affect and are affected by, is captured by our Human Rights Guidelines. It involves:

• identifying potential human rights issues in our activities;
• assessing if we have influence over the issues; and
• defining appropriate action to be taken by the business.

We expect the specialist contractors we use to have well-developed employment practices. However, they may subcontract to other agencies and suppliers, especially in locations with weaker human rights regulations.

When we use direct suppliers, we require them to understand and adhere to our requirements on human rights, as described in our Code of Ethics. We have zero tolerance of any form of modern slavery and require protection of the rights of workers in the supply chain. While our influence diminishes further down the supply chain, we continue to encourage our contractors to apply good practice.